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Our comprehensive Diffraction Glasses guide glasses should provide you with all the information you need to know before purchasing your very own pair.


What are Diffraction Glasses?

Diffraction Glasses (Not to be confused with Kaleidoscope Glasses) are the essential new visual accessory designed to enhance raves, concerts, festivals and firework shows.

Diffraction Glasses help the wearer feel as though they are part of the show or event by enhancing the lights all on their own. Our glasses have been rapidly gaining popularity in the live music scene because they bring the user further “into” the show, for the person wearing the glasses the gap between the show and themselves seems to disappear as they are surrounded by beautiful lights.  

At first glance our glasses are much like any regular pair of fashionable sunglasses, look a little closer however and you will notice that Diffraction Glasses are in fact equipped with some very special laser etched lenses which provide the wearer with stunning visual effects.

Although the technology has been around for a long time, diffraction grating has only recently been implemented into portable glasses for entertainment purposes. Popularity of Diffraction Glasses has soured during the past couple of years due to a new interest in electronic music and visual shows. Developed primarily for the events scene these products are most often purchased by ravers, festival goers and people who like to party.

Diffraction Glasses are also sometimes called GloFX Glasses, Prism Glasses, Rainbow Glasses, Rave Glasses, Firework Glasses, Refraction Glasses, Laser Glasses and Lightshow Glasses.


Where can I use Diffraction Glasses?

We advertise Diffraction Glasses as a device for enhancing live music events such as raves and festivals because this where they work best. When live music is combined with production lighting and Diffraction Glasses, you and your friends will not be able to help but be entranced by the stunning rainbow light patterns which fill your entire vision.

Although we think visual events are where you will get the most astonishing effects, the reality is that actually GloFX Diffraction Glasses create food for your eyes absolutely anywhere!

A few of our best suggestions for use are listed below:

  •          Experience mind-blowing effects when wearing your glasses at Raves and Concerts
  •          Carnivals and Festivals have millions of lights which will produce epic psychedelic effects
  •          Watch Fireworks multiply at your next Firework Show
  •          Wear Diffraction Glasses when you are a Passenger in a car/ bus/ train at night time
  •          Take your shades to any Performance or Lightshow
  •          Create hallucinatory effects watching Trippy Videos and Music Visualizers on your computer
  •          Learn about light waves in your next Science Class
  •          Add an extra twinkle to your Holiday and Christmas Lights
  •          Watch TV and Movies at home and see the images pop out of the screen
  •          Show them off at Gatherings and Parties, first try reactions are priceless


How do Diffraction Glasses work?

Diffraction is defined as the process by which a beam of light or other system of waves is spread out as a result of passing through a narrow aperture or across an edge, typically accompanied by interference between the wave forms produced.

A diffraction grating is a tool used for the separation of the spectral lines, they act as a "super prism", separating the different colours of light.

Diffraction Glasses have a thin layer of diffraction gratings embedded into their lenses which splits light into its individual spectrum of colours. This is the main principle behind what gives Diffraction Glasses their awesome visual sensation.  White light will show the widest array of colors, whereas looking at a blue light for example will show its component colors.


As you can see from the above image, just looking at a single light source creates a burst of colours. Now imagine looking at stage or carnival lights, fireworks, or lasers, and you can see why Diffraction Glasses have really become so popular at these events.

Depending on what you want to get out of your Diffraction Glasses, certain pairs will be more suitable. Some people enjoy a softer effect to wear during the day and for long-term use, many of our customers look for the more intense effects created by multiple layers of grating materials or multiple lenses.

Do keep in mind, the more diffraction you have, the less white light passes through the lens creating a more blurry view. The best Diffraction Glasses at the end of the day are judged by personal preference. Luckily, The Rave Cave offers hundreds of dimensional eyewear options produced by the industry leader GloFX. You’re bound to find a pair of rave glasses that suites your own style.


Different types of Diffraction Glasses

Being the exclusive distributor of GloFX Products in the UK, we have the largest stock room and offer the widest range of Diffraction Glasses anywhere in Europe. This huge selection may be slightly daunting for a first time purchaser however we like to try to offer something for everyone. If you are struggling to decide which pair perhaps try browsing our Best Sellers, Staff Picks and On Sale categories for some ideas. Below we have compiled a list of the different variations that we offer, click the link for the corresponding category to open in a new tab on your internet browser.

Types of Diffraction Glasses:

These glasses feature our best-selling GloFX Ultimate Diffraction Lenses which accommodate a layer of the highest quality rainbow light gratings. The ultimate lenses can be considered as double diffraction as they are significantly more powerful than the average knockoff pair. In our opinion Diffraction Glasses with these lenses offer the most enjoyable experience for our discerning tripsters, they encompass an optimal balance between effect and normal visual clarity (This means you can still see where you are going when you wear them whilst enjoying epic visual effects!).

Reserved only for our most wacky customers, these insane glasses feature an absolutely bonkers quadruple diffraction effect. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, GloFX Extreme Diffraction Glasses are the most powerful rainbow shades currently in existence. These glasses contain twice as many diffraction gratings to produce twice as much effect as the standard GloFX Ultimate lenses. Because of all the extra magic GloFX loaded into these lenses, when you wear them you really won’t be able to see anything around you apart from overwhelming light effects!

Ohhh, so pretty! The Patented Lens Technology used in our heart glasses produces remarkable clarity and clear shapes. When you are standing in front of the main-stage of your next major music festival, these glasses will make the lights explode into rainbow hearts! Heart Effect Diffraction Glasses do not diffract indirect light, the unique 3D heart shaped diffraction effect is most evident when you are looking head on at a point of light.

Absolutely mind bending! The all-new Lens-FX Series from GloFX takes the concept of light diffraction to a whole new level. With all new effects, you can now immerse yourself in a variety of never before seen shapes, patterns, and effects! In our experience, GloFX Spiral Effect Diffraction Glasses work their best at live music events because they do not diffract indirect light. To see the strongest spirals you will need to view a direct light source.

Use these glasses to add depth and dimension to your diffraction experience. Straight up, we don’t recommend GloFX 3Diffraction Glasses for first time trippers simply because the effects are positively absurd! Aside from their perfect enhancement of light projection screens, event light shows, and laser projections, these glasses have proven to be a favourite in the LED glove, orbit, and poi communities. By incorporating a mind bending 3D effect, these glasses truly enhance LED lights to the max. LED glovers can’t stop talking, poi spinners are nearly falling over, and orbiters can’t get enough of these glasses!

Types of Lens Tint:

Clear lens Diffraction Glasses offer the purest and cleanest diffraction effects, a splendid choice for day or night time use.

By the shield of tint, your concealed eyes can stray to new realms of psychedelic enjoyment. Our Grey/ Emerald Tinted Diffraction Glasses are great for both day and night time use. Please be aware that our Tinted Diffraction Glasses are not sunglasses and won’t offer any UV protection unless otherwise stated in the product description.

Feeling groovy! Our Amber Tinted Diffraction Glasses offer a pleasant orange glow, fantastic for day time use and a favourite chroma for many of our festival ravers. Please be aware that our Tinted Diffraction Glasses are not sunglasses and won’t offer any UV protection unless otherwise stated in the product description.

Show your true style with a pair of our Mirror Lens Diffraction Glasses! GloFX produces these lenses in a range of different colours including metallic silver, gold and blue. Our Mirror Lens Rainbow Glasses feature a GloFX dual pane lens design to prevent scratching, compared to our regular diffraction glasses they offer slightly less diffraction effect. Please be aware that our Mirrored Diffraction Glasses are not sunglasses and won’t offer any UV protection unless otherwise stated in the product description.

Frame Designs and Colours

Types of Frame:

Frame Colours and Designs:

We offer a huge range of colours and limited edition patterns to impress even the most experienced diffraction connoisseur! Some of the colours available include:

Black, White, Silver, Gold, Clear, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Multicoloured/ Patterened Diffraction Glasses.


Diffraction Glasses Care

It’s very easy to keep your favourite pair of Diffraction Glasses working flawlessly from festival to festival. One thing to keep in mind is the protection of your lenses, this is why firstly we recommend purchasing a microfiber carrying case. The case is the perfect add on to create a safe storage place and dual functionality for cleaning your glasses.

How to care for and clean Diffraction Glasses

  1. Do not use any cleaning solutions or soaps on your lenses.
  2. Avoid contact with oily substances
  3. Use only plain water and cotton or microfiber clothes to clean the lenses
  4. Store your glasses in a pouch or case when not in use to avoid contact with dirt
  5. Store your glasses in a cool, dry place. Leaving in sunlight may warp the lenses.

You may ask yourself why it is important to avoid oily and acidic substances when cleaning your Diffraction Glasses. The answer lies in the physics behind Diffraction Glasses, remember that your glasses give off such amazing visual sensations due to the microscopic laser etched lines within the lenses. Water has no problem cleaning and wiping free from these slits but oils and acidic substances have a tendency to fill in the slits and is nearly impossible to fully remove. This can cause the diffraction effects to be diminished. So remember, clean them with water and a microfiber cloth to keep your visual effects at their strongest.


Brands of Diffraction Glasses

GloFX are the original innovator of Diffraction Glasses in their current plastic frame form, although other brands exist they can be compared as lesser quality knockoffs of authentic GloFX products. When you purchase a pair of GloFX glasses you will receive a pair of the highest quality Diffraction Glasses on the market.

GloFX are a US based company, The Rave Cave is the exclusive distributor of GloFX products in the UK.

As the market leader GloFX uses the highest quality materials in production to ensure the durability of their products and clarity of effect. 

GloFX gradient lenses undergo a laser etching process that creates optimum light diffraction presenting a crisp, clean, and even effect from edge to edge. Rigorous quality control techniques are in place to ensure each product sent out is perfect before leaving us, by using quality packing materials products reach our customers in perfect new condition.


Why should I purchase my own pair of GloFX Diffraction Glasses?

After reading all the above, do you really still need to ask that question!?

Let’s summarise!

  1. They are an absolutely awesome accessory
  2. Guaranteed to blow your mind at any visual event
  3. They don’t cost allot of money
  4. Choose from one of the hundreds of styles and variations we have on offer
  5. Showing the glasses to anyone you meet is just as fun as wearing them yourself!


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