Westfest Returns With Another Sensational Rave

This was the 5th year The Rave Cave crew attended Westfest at The Royal Bath West and Showground, in Somerset, for Halloween's most legendary rave in the South West. The frosty wind definitely gave everyone a chill but didn't stop the ravers from heading out in their masses with some legendary costumes, to dance the night away to some amazing tunes. Read more about how Westfest returns with another sensational rave in this blog.



Amazing rave lights & a tasty lineup

To treat this year's ravers the lineup included a host of electronic music acts ranging from Subfocus, Darren Styles, SASASAS, Majistrate, Congo Natty, Kutski and Cally. The event runs from 6pm - 6am, but with the clocks turning back, and the event starting slightly later than expected, meant that everyone had slightly less time to skank out. Ravers came from far and wide to see some legendary DJs performing, one group we met even coming from as far as the U.S. for the rave.



Sensational Halloween Costumes 

As always, the costumes were on point this year. Between the classic raver looks, 90's outfits, balaclavas, eye lenses and a range of outfits from Steampunk to escaped convicts. Some people really go all out with their costumes at Westfest. The theme for this year was clowns, but only a few clown outfits were spotted. A vibrant mix of facepaints and glitter covered the lady's faces, and for the more concealed raver, our Outline LED Sound Reactive Masks went down a treat!


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The Rave Cave Crew

The team had a great laugh with everyone this year. To be able to enjoy so many different genres of rave music in one place is truly awesome and we're all very thankful to be a part of the momentous occasion, once again. The people, the tunes, the vibes - everything you need in one place. Westfest you've done it again, and we're definitely looking forward to next year already.


The Rave Cave Crew at Westfest 2018 standing in the stall


About Westfest

Westfest returns to the Royal Bath and West Showground for its 15th edition. Having brought massive bookings to the venue, Westfest has immediately become a central pillar in Somerset’s clubbing scene. The biggest indoor electronic music festival that the UK has to offer, Westfest deals in bass music of all styles and shades, serving the West England bass head community like no other party can.

Whether your jam is trance, hardcore, UKG or DnB, Westfest has you sorted with several huge stages, each boasting some of the top names from its respective genre. Taking place on Halloween weekend, the festival provides an experience that’s half fun, half harrowing, just as Halloween should be. With high-end visual production, excellent sound and a crowd of thousands all locked into the same rave desires, year after year Westfest proves itself one of the best DnB parties around. 



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