Top 3 Ways To Make Bonfire Night EPIC With GloFX Diffraction Glasses

Remember, remember the fifth of November. Whether you’ll be celebrating in a muddy field round the back of your grans or heading out to a public viewing, Fireworks night is one of our favourite nights of the year. GloFX Diffraction Glasses take your night from "ooo, wow" to "WWAAAAAOOOOHHHHH... AWESOME!". If you’ve never tried diffraction before, there's no better time than bonfire night. Here are our 3 ways to make bonfire night EPIC with GloFX Diffraction Glasses.


1. You’ll see fireworks like never before

Fireworks are great. Rainbows are great. Firework-rainbow-lovechild?… Amazing! Stand back and enjoy an amplified fireworks display like never before, with each firework exploding the sky in colour and the Diffraction Glasses multiplying the light and engulfing the viewer in visual ecstasy. Diffraction Glasses work by separating each point of light into a rainbow, so when they combine with fireworks, you can expect the sky to be filled with them. If you can ever bear to share them, your mates will be amazed. Trust us.



2. Bonfires are a fully immersive visual spectacle

Diffraction Glasses aren't only good with fireworks, they'll work wonders with all kinds of pyrotechnics. Little people know that a fire and Diffraction Glasses make for a wonderfully soothing combination. Since the beginning of time, mankind has gazed into the flames of an open fire, but little have experienced the incredible emersion of colour that Diffraction Glasses can deliver when drifting through the crackles. Diffraction Glasses will turn your bonfire into a glowing rainbow mountain and will give your sparklers magical amplification like you've never seen. 


Demonstration of bonfire with GloFX Diffraction Glasses effect


3. Going out somewhere?

If you're planning on going out to your local community viewing, there may be a good chance that you bump into some rides. These are the holy grail of trippy entertainment. Ferris wheels, carousels and spinny rides - if you’re heading to a big event this year (and you're daring enough), make sure to give Diffraction Glasses a spin on one of these! If you’ve ever fancied your own rainbow road experience, Diffraction Glasses on the dodgems is as close as you’re gonna get. Just remember to strap them on if you go on any rollercoasters. I’ve tried them on the some big ones, and they blew my socks off!  


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Plenty of fun to be had 

You don’t have to trade our stunning effects for style, with a whole range of Diffraction Glasses with different frames and colours we’ve got you covered, whichever five jumpers you’re gonna layer up in. Stick to some classic badass GloFX Aviators Diffraction Glasses or switch it up for some crazy spiky Diffraction Goggles (my grans favourite). Unlike a lot of the other crazy stuff you’ll get up to on bonfire night diffraction glasses are great for big kids AND little kids. And unlike other bonfire must-haves like glow sticks, you can wear them again and again and again. You can pick from loads of different types of rainbow creating madness here at The Rave Cave including Spiral Diffraction Glasses and even Heart Diffraction Glasses for those of you feeling some love. 

Whatever you get up to this bonfire night be safe, have a banging time (pun intended) and don’t forget your specs!


A girl holding her arms up in the air shouting whilst wearing Paper Diffraction Glasses from The Rave Cave

  • Jan 28, 2020
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