Outline Montreal's Sound Reactive LED Masks | What are they and how do they work?

The Rave Cave is very excited to bring you Outline Montreal's NEW LED Sound Reactive masks, exclusively to the UK.


How do Outline Montreal's LED Sound Reactive Masks work? 

The LED Mask is powered by phosphorus ink and a lithium modulator. Phosphorus ink is an amazing material that consumes minimal power, is cold to the touch and emits a very captivating glow. The quality of the phosphorous ink that creates the illumination has been highly developed by the team at Outline, with the light now being super smooth and incredibly captivating.   



The modulator is located on the back of your head (or at the end of the strip). The cable, connecting the modulator to the mask, is integrated and hidden within the adjustable strap giving you total comfort and mobility. The modulator has a sensor which analyses the rhythm it hears with minimal interference.

The modulator converts the sound waves into programmed patterns creating pure organic light that run in time to the beat of the music allowing it to dance and radiate colour to envelop onlookers.


Image showing how Outline Montreal LED Sound Reactive Masks are built with different components and layers listed


Technical Specifications

  • Sound responsive lithium modulator - The modulator is powered by a lithium-ion battery (DC5V), Outline's most advanced piece of technology. It is small and not heavy making the overall weight of the mask very light.
  • Adjustable straps - The straps are easy to set up and fits any head size (one size fits all!)
  • Hidden cable - The cable connecting the modulator and mask are completely hidden inside the strap. 
  • Protective foam - A 1mm piece of high-density foam, protects the mask while being comfortable to wear.
  • Phosphorus layer - Phosphorus ink screen printed on a translucent conductor. 
  • Printed design - High quality printed colors applied on a PWB layer. 
  • Weight - 80 g / 2.82 oz



6 Different Modes

Each mask has 6 different modes, which can be changed on the modulator on the strip. The different modes are: sound reactive mode, three custom light modes, a 'flash' mode, and a 'on' mode.  



Mask Instructions

Each modulator has a main on/off switch, a button which switches through the different lighting modes and a wheel on the side which adjusts the light-effect sensitivity. When wearing the mask, this button is located just behind your head at the end of the strap.


Image of the seven different LED Mask designs now sold at The Rave Cave



Easily wearable, foldable and adjustable, these are the perfect companion as part of a costume, music event accessory, or just for fun. The Rave Cave is the exclusive new UK distributor of this incredible brand.

The Rave Cave currently stocks seven official designs of Outline Montreal's LED Sound Reactive Masks:




About Outline Montreal

A creative team from Montréal with a strong interest in art and music. Fascinated by masked artists, they believe that people express themselves differently when disguised. The idea of identity vanishes and the real you rises when wearing a mask.

Two years ago, millions supported Outline's vision to make their first sound reactive LED Mask. The Kickstarter community managed to fund their project allowing them to produce the first designs of masks, and now a couple of years later, have a wide variety of different designs. 

All of these designs will be bought to the UK exclusively by The Rave Cave.



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