Interview with The Flyer Master: Graphic designer for the music industry

The Flyer Master is a UK-based graphic design agency currently based on The Isle of Wight, they provide high impact visual design services, digital art, motion and promotional material for events, festivals and musicians.

Today we have an exclusive interview with Scott Bennett, the owner of The Flyer Master and the first choice graphic designer for many of the UK’s leading underground dance music producers and event promoters including: Innovation, Low Down Deep, Mallorca Lee, Boomtown Gatherings, Random Concept, D-Stortion Records & IC3 Genres to name a few. We have had the pleasure of working with Scott for the past 4 years employing The Flyer Master to create graphics and printed materials for our store and events.


What originally made you want to become a graphic designer?

From a young age I would draw pretty much every day, usually sonic the hedgehog over and over again, but always took comfort in sitting and being creative. When I was about 11 years old we did a lesson at school about different jobs and that was the first time I heard the term Graphic Design and I pretty much decided at that point it was what I wanted to do (although I had no real clue what it involved). As I got older I would collect DNB rave flyersand plaster my walls with them, it would be great to go back in time and show my younger self the designs I make now.


Why did you decide to only produce graphics for the music industry?

To be honest I feel it is what suits me best, it comes very naturally to create artwork for music - because I love the music. I tried for many years to be a jack of all trades within Graphic Design and ended up working on projects that really sucked the will to live out of me! Or getting out of my depth very quickly! It's all part of running your own company, you learn from the mistakes you make - I’ve made many. But you gradually learn focus your attention on what you are best at and for me it is design for music.


Who or what has been the biggest single influence on your designs?

Day to day life has the biggest influence, I really throw myself mentally into my work to help bring out the passion. I also  follow some really great artists of all disciplines on Instagram, so I take a few minutes each day to check out my feed on there. Music also would play a big part in my designs.


What type of brief or project do you enjoy working on the most?

I really enjoy digital art based projects for record labels, I find it very therapeutic while working. I recently launched my personal website ScottVisual to give myself a platform to showcase my Digital Art. Video projects are also fun, i like seeing the artwork or flyer getting bought to life.


What are you passionate about besides your work?

My family, good food, Xbox & Watching Basketball - no particular order! I also really enjoy just getting out and about, I am lucky enough to live in a very beautiful part of the country but spend most of my week sat in an office staring at a screen, so is really essential to balance that out when the working day is over.


What’s your personal motto?

Hard work pays off!


Are you working on anything cool at the moment?

Haha, lots! I have a Rick & Morty themed project to work on later today. But each day is has a few different projects that I look forward to and engross myself in, plus some really big project are in the pipeline for 2018. I am also in the process of setting up a few in house projects that will be launched in a few months


You can check out The Flyer Master’s full Portfolio using the links below, if you need any graphics designed for your next release or event we can’t recommend Scott and his team more highly.

Website, ScottVisualBehanceFacebookInstagramTwitterYoutubeDribbbleNewsletter.

For any design inquiries please contact Scott via

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