Festivals & Diffraction Glasses

Blow your mind with the ultimate new live music & festival accessory! Equipped with custom light diffracting gradient lenses GloFX Diffraction Glasses split and multiply light to create the effect of rainbows exploding around you. We could talk about these amazing glasses forever but it is simply better to show you in a video (Even though videos really don’t compare even slightly to the real thing!). Our most popular model featured in the video below are called “Ultimate Diffraction Glasses“. Check out our awesome UK video trailer..



Starting at less than £1 + P&P you can try out our revolutionary Cardboard Frame Diffraction Glasses for next to nothing!


Using footage from our 2014 festival tour we also made a video featuring our “GloFX Matrix Diffraction Glasses“ These awesome shades have become famous for their simple but unique twin lens design; more lenses = more diffraction!



The Rave Cave is the UK’s home of GloFX Diffraction Glasses, we offer over 100 different styles and variations to choose from with the average pair costing a very reasonable £13-16 including postage. We can promise that you will have endless fun not only blowing your own mind but also the people who you choose to share them with!

  • Jan 28, 2020
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