Celebrating 5 Years of MADE Festival


With 4 years of heritage already under its belt, it's easy to see why the people from across the Midlands flocked to the center of Birmingham to celebrate a classic setting of city-meets-beats 1-day music extravaganza at MADE Festival 2018.


With ticket sales rumoured to have to have reached 10,000, MADE Festival was a perfect example of an intimate and loving community achieved when smaller festivals with fantastic music are done correctly.

All credit to everyone behind the scenes of this one, they had their work cut out for them. When we arrived, big meetings were happening for the preparation of forcast MET office winds of up to 35 mph! Needless to say, with the local council breathing down their neck as well, the team did a superb job of keeping everyone who came thoroughly entertained. Sadly due to the wind, the main stage was an empty skeleton frame but still enough for DJs to perform.

The Made Stage and 02:31 Arena were swapped over, allowing the attendees of Made 2018 to enjoy an incredibly intimate experience with some of artists including; DJ Zinc, SASASAS, Kurrupt FM, Not3S, High Contrast, Rosa, Sir Spyro and Andy C


MADE Festival 2018 Lineup


Our crew arrived throughout the night prior and early in the morning with the weather just teasing us with a sprinkle of rain. We had a lot of fun throughout the day interacting with everyone there. We saw faces of joy and people getting carried out but on-the-most-part everyone was generally very well behaved and some incredibly loving characters and lots of new friendships were formed.



The setup there was simple but effective, with no areas getting too crowded at any one time. The lighting rigs weren't fantastic but did the crowds justice as they danced throughout the day. The music quality was en-par with that of a lot of smaller festivals, but the RAM Arena stage definitely took it away with their eclectic mix of Drum & Bass DJs from Frenetic, to Culture Shock.



The winds were heavily-strong (with some nearly lopsided eyebrow extensions popping off and a few HEAVY downpours) but nothing our tripster ravers couldn't handle. Plenty of smiles and happy faces were to be seen across Parry Park, Birmingham towards the late afternoon, whilst Max Chapmen layed down a groovy house set next to our on-site rave shop by Portal Arena.

A particular surreal moment, was when DJ scouse duo Camelphat played on the Portal Arena (one of the smallest tents) to an audience of no more than 250 people! We love rare occurrences such as these - DJs of world-class popularity in a small, intimate environment allowing for some creative music testing and close crowd-pleasing to top off an already wonderful day. 



Dizzee Rascal played an explosive headlining performance on the Made Stage, whilst Rene Lavice blew the roof off the closing set with an exceptional laydown at the RAM Arena stage. Good vibes and a very happy day had by all.



Well done to Clive, Michael and all staff for organising this wonderful party, and we hope everyone got home safe ok. After a curfew of 10pm, it often tends to go extra hard at the after parties so we hope you enjoyed yourselves with all of your new rave gear and thank you all for coming to say hi and supporting us!

The Rave Cave Crew


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  • Jan 28, 2020
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