4 Last-Minute Halloween Rave Outfit Ideas
Halloween can be a great time for kids, but it also gives us ravers a chance to dress in ridiculous costumes and skank out to our favourite tunes on full volume. Still not sure what to wear this Halloween? Put down the cat ears and fear not, with Halloween fast approaching and a spooktacular season sale going on in our store, we wanted to share with you 4 last-minute Halloween rave outfit ideas that you’ll be able to whip up just in the nick of time. 

Trippy fairy

You don’t have to wait till summer to get your sequins and flower crowns out again! Make use of that dress or colourful jacket that are too fancy for daytime, or dig out your mad festival threads to tailor the rave attire to what you have in your wardrobe. Use bright etherial eye makeup or glitter in your hair, beard or allover to add an extra pop of colour. No trippy fairy is complete without their mesmerising trippy glasses! Add a super-bright GloFX Multi-colour flashing bracelet to take the look to another dimension. Combine them with some wings and some mad Rave Cave accessories for a truly magical look. And if you’re the kind of fairy that likes to impress don’t forget some magical GloFX LED Poi Balls to top off your psychedelic fairy’s look and show off your trippy fairy magic. 


What you’ll need:

Mad outfit from the wardrobe (the funkier the better) & wings.
Optional: GloFX Kaleidoscope Glasses, Glitter, Flower crowns, Ribbons, Facepaint, GloFX LED Poi Balls, Glow earrings


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A steampunk look is perfect if you’re going for a spookier vibe this Halloween. Anything lacey and victorian looking or in muted tones can be combined for different looks. But if you want to work with what you’ve already got a simple white shirt or blouse and dark trousers or skirt can be modified for a killer look. Great hats, boots or belt buckles can really pull the look together but GloFX Goggles are an absolute must-have accessory for any steampunk. With loads of different styles in silver gold and copper, or even with spikes, there are loads to choose from.  Adjust this look with killer teeth and a bit of fake blood for a Victorian vampire or a wig and some extra accessories for your favourite historical figure. 

What you’ll need:

Victorian looking threads & GloFX Diffraction or Kaleidoscope goggles.
Optional: Fantastic hat, Boots, 'Clocklike' facepaint, Leather belt, Coloured contact lenses.
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Classic Raver

The 90's are back, so anything goes here. You could go for classic 90's raver or the colourfully eccentric 'free party' raver. Who can’t resist an opportunity to dig out their furry leg warmers? This costume works just as great if you’re prepping for a hardcore rave at the weekend or a costume party at your local. The more colours you can pack into this look the better, bright tutus, fishnets and bracelets can all be combined with anything colourful in your wardrobe. If you're going for the dude version of this look head for an eclectic combination of colourful t-shirts, baggy trousers and a fab bucket hat. Don’t shy away from the crazy accessories, go hard with a crazy hairdo and get yourself some colourful glow sticks so you can dance the night away. And remember no-one raves better than the ravers with mad GloFX Diffraction Glasses!

What you’ll need: 

Brightly coloured t-shirt/retro sweatshirt, GloFX Diffraction Glasses, glowsticks.
Optional: Tutu, colourful fishnets, bucket hat, leg warmers, bracelets, crazy hair accessories. 
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Masked Creature 

If you'd prefer more of a minimal effort on the costume, but still want to look sick and blow your mates away, go for one of our amazing Outline LED masks. With everything from Outline's Fox Mask, to Outline's Jaguar Mask, these great pieces of kit can be paired with a simple hoodie or a whole epic costume. Using cutting-edge electroluminescent technology, these masks create gorgeous light patterns that react to sound and music. You’re bound to stand out from the crowd with one of these and being an exclusive Rave Cave product, you won't find them anywhere else.




No matter what you end up wearing, go out there and have a great time. Halloween is just as much for ravers as it is for kids ;) 

  • Jan 28, 2020
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