GloFX Ultimate Extreme Diffraction Glasses - Pink - Clear



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GloFX Ultimate Extreme Diffraction Glasses - Pink - Clear



  • Extreme High Strength Diffraction Glasses
  • (2x Ultimate Diffraction Effect)
  • Genuine GloFX product
  • Clear laser etched hard plastic diffraction lenses
  • Best selling wayfarer style frames - Pink
  • Constructed from virtually indestructible PVC plastic
  • Manufactured in The USA with superior craftsmanship
  • Water resistant
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Shop with confidence, The Rave Cave is the largest supplier of diffraction glasses in Europe
  • UK stock available for immediate dispatch
  • Free stuff with every order of GloFX Glasses
  • GloFX Ultimate Extreme Diffraction Glasses are available with the following frame colours and lens tints: Black - ClearBlack - Emerald TintedBlue - ClearPink - Clear and Green - Clear.




If you want maximum light diffraction effect then try a pair of GloFX Ultimate Extreme Diffraction Glasses! Designed for the craziest 1%, the effects of these glasses are immeasurable at live music and visual events.


Featuring double stacked layers of premium light diffraction in a single frame design, these glasses have so much diffraction you won’t believe it! Don’t say we didn’t warn you, the effect in these glasses is arguably as strong as our best-selling Matrix Series. The difference between the two is that in the Ultimate Extreme design the full effect is consolidated into one lens rather than 2. Put on a pair of Ultimate Extreme Diffraction Glasses and start blowing people’s mind while revolutionizing the way you see your world.


Crafted from 100% True-Flex PVC Plastic these hardwearing frames can bend, flex, and withstand any torture. Never before have diffraction glasses been able to survive such extreme environments and last so long! Looking classy has never been so fun, strut around looking awesome whilst enjoying epic rainbow prism effects!


GloFX Diffraction Gradient Glasses are hands down the best on the market, not only is there is nearly 3 times the amount of light diffraction per square inch than our competitors, the lenses in our glasses have undergone a laser etching process to create optimum light diffraction. By actually directly infusing the effect into hard Plexi-Plastic lenses, GloFX has made sure their diffraction lenses are is perfectly even from corner to corner and everywhere. There are no bends, folds, or bad spots in these glasses, just pure, crystal clear, light diffraction! 


Note: Due to the extreme diffraction effect of these glasses, ultimate extreme lenses will appear slightly blurry and may have a slight curvature. Ultimate Extreme glasses are for people looking for the strongest effects, in our experience if people try multiple glasses, most will prefer less powerful lenses due to increased clarity of vision.


The Rave Cave is the original specialist retailer of visual enhancement products for live music events, we are the exclusive distributor of GloFX products in the UK and the first choice supplier of Diffraction Glasses to Europe. Shop with confidence, read our genuine customer reviews. Choose The Rave Cave for the highest quality products, fast delivery and amazing customer service.

Frame Colour Pink
Frame Type Wayfarer
Lens Effect Extreme Diffraction
Lens Tint Clear
Limited Edition No

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